Sunday, March 28, 2010

Munich, Germany

To start off our trip our first location was Munich, Germany. We stayed in Wombat's hostel, which was extremely nice with lockers, a bar downstairs, a lounging room and a bunch of other cool things. The first day that we arrived, we ended up walking over to Marienplatz and looking around; this was a lot of fun and packed full of people. After walking around a bit there we headed to the englisch gardens to walk around... gorgeous! There was also a lot of people out walking their dogs which definitely made me miss mine a bunch!After walking around we hopped on the metro and rode it up to the Olympic park is for the 1972 olympics... this was pretty cool to see and we also went into a BMW museum. Tons of gorgeous cars! I wanted to take one home myself. After that we decided to head to the Hofbrauhaus where of course I had to take part and order myself one of the 1 liter steins. Lauren and I both got these amazing, and huge, pretzels and we hung out there for an hour and a half or so while I drank my beer. Now no night would be complete with gelato, so we stopped at the small stand just outside the Hofbrauhauas and ordered us some gelato for the walk back to our hostel.

The following day we woke up early and started by heading back out to Marienplatz to watch the clocktower in the square do a "show" with the characters spinning and dancing while the clock tower played music. After that we headed to Dachau, the concentration camp just outside of Munich. We spent a large portion of the day wandering around and reading all of the historic facts about what took place here. I was actually surprised to see that while they did do some killings there, it wasn't nearly as many as compared to the other camps and the primary focus of this camp was for work. I also found it interesting that those kept in the camp could be hired out as workers to some companies, and one of these companies was actually BMW. After walking around there for the better portion of the day we headed back to the hostel, found a kebab shop and had dinner. We continued with relaxing and prepared our stuff together to catch the train to Prague, Czech Republic the next morning.

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