Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eli's 21st and last week(ish) in brig

The last week that we were in Brig before taking off on our adventure to travel Europe, Eli, one of the Americans was turning 21 and we all planned to have one last barbeque together and Katie and I made two cakes from scratch. I made a cinnamon vanilla cake and Katie did a vanilla cake with lemon zest. Let me just say that those cakes were AMAZING and absolutely delicious. Then to top that off Margy and Lindsay made an icing to frost the two cakes. The guys were in charge of the burgers and what not and we had plates and plates full of food and burgers, chips, and TONS of alcohol. I went with Katie to the store and we bought a case of Prosecco (6 bottles) and 3 bottles of Maui wine (DELICIOUS). We then all sat down and ate an entire feast until we couldn't fit anything more into our mouths... all the food we had which originally wasn't going to be enough ended up being too much to going to become the perfect amount.

The rest of the night we celebrated Eli's birthday starting in Laura's room before heading down to Chaos and allowing Eli to enter in at midnight. We all then went for sandwiches when the shop opened at 4 am before we headed back and went to bed.

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