Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lausanne for Diane's Birthday... and our train home at 6:20 AM!

Saturday Feb. 20, 2010

One of the girls that I've met while I've been here, Diane, is from El Salvador and was going to Lausanne to celebrate her 20th birthday and invited some of us to come along as well. Sydney and I agreed to go with them as long as we would be able to catch the last train home at 10:25 pm to Brig. To start off we went for an amazing dinner at a very traditional swiss restaurant and order raclette. This was one of the best meals that I have had since I've been here. It primarily consists of cheese that you mix with onions, pickles, meats, etc. and you end up devouring it! I think I had 4 plates of this... as well as the white wine. As mentioned before in one of my blogs you need to drink white wine with most of these foods heavy with cheese as it helps the digestion and doesn't leave you filling as bad a little later on haha. Well with everyone there let me just say that we didn't end up finishing our meal there until 10:15 pm; Sydney and I ran to the taxi cab as everyone is trying to convince us to say... well we wouldn't have made the train in time so we stayed there with everyone and had an all night party in Lausanne with everyone. We started by going to a beer bar (of course I got carded at every place haha) and ordered one drink before we headed out to the location where they would party almost every night. We ended up getting two bottles of vodka and 12 cans of red bull for only $50(ish)! It helps when you have connections! We polished those off pretty quickly and made our way up to the bar where we had shots after shots! It was a really good night and I think that Diane had an amazing time for her birthday. After we closed down the bar at 5:00 ish we made our way to a pizza parlor to order pizza and wait for the first train to come at 6:20 am.... We ate pizza and had our fill before we made the way back to the train station... Here we hopped on and passed out... I ended up waking up as we pulled into Brig at around 7:45 AM, woke everyone else up and wandered back to the dorms where we slept for a good portion of the rest of sunday!

Definitely a night I won't be forgetting anytime soon!

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