Thursday, April 1, 2010

Prague, Czech Republic

The train ride to Prague wasn't all that long... just the crew that we ended up sharing out train car with was ridiculous! There was Lauren and I sharing our train car with 3 boys (roughly 15-16 years old) that continuously stuffed their faces with candy, and soda, and even took smoke breaks! This is what shocked us the most, definitely not something that you would typically see in the states... I think that their group had about 15 or so boys heading to Prague for 4-5 days and just hanging out with their mentors... or something along that line.

When we first arrived in Prague we trekked out to the hostel only to be told that we were staying at their sister hostel right next to Prague Square and the astronomical clock. We then continued to the new hostel, checked in and took off to explore the city. We both immediately fell in love with Prague, it is gorgeous and we had a blast walking around and being able to experience the culture. Here they were preparing for Easter and had so many various Easter festivities taking place that the square was packed with people, traditional food, and even some live entertainment. For dinner, we stopped at one of the booths and got ourselves each a kiolbasa sausage with mustard in a bun for only 50 kc (which would be equivalent to I think $2.50). We also went and did some shopping around at the various shops and major mall that they had... it made each of us wish that we had large suitcases and tons of money to be able to fill up on all the various things that we wanted to buy.

The next day we started off by making our way to the St. Charles Bridge where we walked across and into town to make our way to the Prague Castle.. We ended up climbing a huge staircase to get to the top of the hill where the castle was situated.. it had some amazing views of the city! The line to enter into the castle was ridiculously long so we bypassed that and decided to head back down the hill to grab some bagel sandwiches from a shop that we had passed earlier. We each ordered a chicken caesar sandwich and it was amazing! We then headed back to the hostel, grabbed our books and journals and headed to the park where we layed out and read/wrote for a while before we both started to get hungry. We then went back again to the hostel adn asked where we would be able to go to get a good traditional meal that wasn't too expensive.. it ended up being only 150kc per person for each of us to get a slice of chicken, pork and steak with french fries, also a side of dumplings and a coca-cola. We honestly couldn't have asked for a better meal, or way, to end our time in Prague.

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