Friday, January 15, 2010

Swiss Nightlife - CHAOS

Finally getting to the good stuff! What everyone has been asking about and expecting me to partake in. Well lets go back to Monday, Lauren and I went out and got an amazing fondue dinner, it was a Swiss traditional cheese fondue with fresh bread as well as potatoes. Which I found to be rather interesting, but extremely AMAZING! I got a glass of white wine to go with dinner, as it helps break down the food and makes digestion easier. Good to know, I guess I will have to keep upon this one!

Tuesday Jan. 12, 2010

Nothing overly exciting, rather than starting classes and sitting in class from 8:30 am until 4:20 in the afternoon.... let me tell you that is one long day! Yes I know it's shorter than a job, but not being able to get up, walk around, talk, etc. it's making my life tough! haha. :) After I had classes I needed to pick up some notebooks for classes and all for taking notes. Even though the told us it is mandatory to have computers, NO ONE uses them in class. It's very different from what I am used to. When we were out I ended up buying a hair dryer (discounted at that) and it may be saving my life it seems! Never knew how handy these things were until you don't have one to use. Still using my curling iron to straighten my hair, makes life interesting. Especially since my converter won't plug into my bathroom ones (they're too far inset) and I have to straighten my hair with my computer in "sleep" mode and look into the black of the screen as a makeshift mirror. I'm a college student, I am handy with these things.
With all of these stressful first days and transitioning into the cultural and what not I bought my first bottle of alcohol LEGALLY! Jack Daniels! My favorite :) Dad, you would be so proud....

Wednesday Jan 16, 2010

Yet again another day of classes. Only one today though. It went by fairly fast and was actually rather interesting, especially considering I have worked within restaurants for the past year or so now. This entire course is in relation to Food and Beverage (F&B) Management; not sure if it's the path I want to go into, but it has potential. Today we ended up going to the store again... this time I was determined to by Coca-Cola for a jack and coke... Well this store that we went into doesn't accept VISA so I told her I would be abck because I didn't bring any of my cash on me. Went and walked around downtown, say a bunch of little shops here and there, it's really an itneresting and fun little town with a ton of personality. So many little restaurants, pubs, clothing and shoe stores GALORE! and your typical little knickknack stores as well. I find it interesting that postcards here cost 1.75 - 2.50 PER CARD. Defnitely not in the US anymore with our .25 cent postcards haha. Lauren was able to get a bragain steal and found a cute little sweater that was only 2.50!

Thursday Jan 14, 2010

Tonight is the "ICEBREAKER" for the entire school.... all 290 of us. It started at 5:30 at the University and we took pictures for the yearbook and then went into the dining room for the reception. Here we were served wine, beer, apple juice, and Coca-Cola. I opted for the white wine! Only to help my digestion of course.... after this we all headed to one of the other student's rooms to drink a bit more before we headed to CHAOS, the bar inside our dorms. I had a jack and coke and then around 10:00 we headed to CHAOS to drink the free punch and dance the rest of the night away. We met a bunch of the other students and had a good time laughing, dancing, and hanging out with everyone. We weren't the "lame" americans anymore. haha. While we were there this one girl (actually my RA haha), and she bought me a shot, it is called a B-52 and she wanted them to be "flaming". It consisted of Kahlua, Bailey's, and antoher liquor that was on top of the too and then lit. You then say CHEERS! stick your straw into the shot glass and drink it. Theses were absolutely amazing and Lauren decided they tasted like ice-cream.. not sure I got that impression, but they were delicious! Defnitely buying her one next time. Finally, around 3:00 am I headed up the elevator to my room to get some sleep for the night and prepare for class today (Friday). Thank goodness it is at 1:00 today! Such a fun night though getting to know everyone. More to come later...If I dont get on too often its because my computer is starting to "crash" again. I have already had a "blue screen of death" and it enjoys spazzing out.... just what I want and need while Im here. Good thing BestBuy caught this BEFORE I came like I told them to....

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