Monday, January 11, 2010

Suit, heels, and nylons.

Monday January 11, 2010

Suit, heels, and nylons. This will be the everyday dress for school. Definitely a change from my Pullman attire consisting on sweatshirts and jeans, occasionally the sweatpants. Here any type of clothing other than a suit will result in me being sent back to my dorm room to change.

Lets also start with the fact that my hair straightener does NOT work. It won't heat up, so to straighten my hair this morning..... a curling iron. Have to make do with what will actually heat up using my converter. Hopefully I can make it into town to find a straightener as well as a hair dryer so that maybe I can do my hair haha.

Mondays = the weekend! No classes for my on Monday, though I do have class on Friday it's only one class and I'm done at 3:00 so I will still be able to catch a night train out of town to do something fun for a long weekend.

Today was primarily orientation, getting books, and filling out information. Tomorrow, for me starts real class work with Management Operations (Organisational Behaviour) , Finance (FIN 325) , and Econ (Global Capitalism). Tuesday and Thursdays are going to SUCK! While Wednesday and Friday I have one class HBM (Food and Beverage Management) from 1 - 2:50.

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