Friday, January 15, 2010

Milan, Italy

Milano! Milan was a ton of fun! I went into Milan with three other girls and took off on an adventure to explore the city not really having any goals in mind... just fun! We started out catching the 7:45 am train into Milano leaving from Brig. It was only about two hour train ride and absolutely gorgeous. We drove through the mountains and then next to a lake as well; being that early in the morning and the sun rising the tops of all the mountains were a fiery red!

When we arrived in Milan, I made sure to hug my purse as tight as possible as I know the chances of being pick-pocketed are extremely high here. Luckily, this never happened to me. We headed down to the metro that they have that efficiently runs all the people here and there throughout the city and bought a 24 hour pass for 3 euro, not too bad considering we used this at least 10 times and a one way pass was a single euro. We started off by heading to the Duomo. It was absolutely gorgeous and I can safely say I have fallen in love with european architecture; it's breathtaking. My favorite part about walking to the Duomo was walking up the steps from the Metro and it was a keyboard, the steps we walked on each were keys to a keyboard and played the sound as we moved up them. When large groups came it was sort of chaotic sounding, but made my day right away.

After exploring and walking through the Duomo we head to other places in the city. Walked around saw the sights, shops, and people. Soaked in the culture and their city life. Hard to believe that I was in Italy just the other day. When we stopped for lunch we went to a sandwich shop - "Sammy Sandwich" and had panini's! They were absolutely delicious and we couldn't even eat the entire thing! After exploring a bit more we went to a coffee shop and had some of the local espresso, yumm! Headed back out into the cold and wandering a bit more, we went to the far side of town and ran into a castle, we stopped here to take pictures, walk through, and I pretended I owned the place. Gave the other girls a personal tour :) After that we set off to find a traditional Italian restaurant to have PIZZA! You can't come to Italy without having pizza or pasta, we wanted pizza. We found a rather nice place near the train station that served pizza and all got our own. Probably could've split one between two people, but this allowed for lunch tomorrow!

We hoped back on the train and set out back for Brig, it was a fun but very LONG day. Not to mention cold, but well worth it! Can't wait to see what next weekend may bring.

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